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In a more demanding world our ability to handle, read and respond to email is often crucial to how a company services its clients.  We can now access email remotely via technology, such as Outlook Web Access, and through mobile phones. However, problems will quickly arise if you donít put in place the right solution - particularly if you want mobile email.

Blackberry, Android and iPhone handsets are all the rage, in part because of their ability to handle email. But did you know you can get your work email on most mobile phones with the addition of a small software application? Why change the device you are used to using when there is no need.

Once the right email solution is in place we can also manage security, including putting in place firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spam, through our partners including Barracuda Networks.

If you have an email problem or requirement and need advice then contact us to discuss in more detail, we have solutions to fit businesses and organisations of all sizes.

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