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Backup and disaster recovery

IT pays to plan ahead

How would your business cope in the event of a disaster? Do you have a defined recovery plan? The impact of a disaster such as fire, flood, hardware failure or theft can threaten the very existence of your business. Sadly, too often, the full scale of the damage is only realised when an event happens by which time it’s too late.


Even businesses who think they’re protected are often vulnerable. For example how strong are your backup systems? Does your backup work? Has a restore been tested? How long would it take to replace your main server and your backup device? Can you ensure that your current backup tape can be read by a newer device, if at all?

At Bowker IT one of our first steps is to ensure your existing backup systems are resilient before looking at more robust alternatives that may help save money.

Virtualisation and disaster recovery

Running your IT on virtual servers gives you the ability to remotely backup your entire server including data and configuration. In the event of a disaster, using VMWare, you can:

  • Restore a full working machine in the time it takes to restore from backup media
  • Restore onto a completely different server
  • And in some circumstances, be up-and-running the same day

Along with new backup technologies from Symantec Backup Exec, utilising the HP RDX Disk Based backup system and the VMware Backup Service, restoration in the event of a disaster has never been easier, or quicker.

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