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Make the virtual a reality

Virtualisation may sound like another meaningless buzzword but behind it is a story of significant savings on IT costs while delivering a much more effective disaster recovery policy.

Simply put, it works like this. You have a server and most of the time it just ticks over in a corner doing its thing and all the computing power within it hardly gets used, in fact the industry figures show that on average a server is only 10% utilised.

Where virtualisation comes in to its own is when you need to add a second or third server for email, database applications or remote access. Instead of buying more hardware, you can use your existing hardware to run more than one ‘virtual’ server and gain more efficient use of its computing power.

Once a virtual infrastructure is in place not only is it easy to backup and transfer whole servers (because virtual servers are hardware independent), it is also easy to make those servers active at another site in the event of a disaster

If you think, your business needs additional servers, or if you already have a number of older servers then virtualisation is for you. Save money, electric, cooling costs and space by reducing the amount of physical servers you have and open up the world of a more effective disaster recovery plan.

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