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Assess and Recommend

Factors such as the size of a school, the needs of the users, the use and reliance of ICT within it and the rate of anticipated growth can drastically affect the amount of spend.

Bowker IT will visit your school and meet with your team to understand which ICT provisions are currently working for the school – and which are not. By auditing the ICT infrastructure within the school it will help the team to quickly build up a picture to allow them to make strategic recommendations based around your unique needs.

The importance of defining a clear strategic vision for ICT within your school is the key to not only its successful use, but also the avoidance of shock capital expenditure when you least expect it.

Bowker IT will help you define and establish an effective strategy that fits your school’s needs, goals and objectives over the short to medium term. This strategy will work in a transparent way with your budget to ensure the recommendations are realistic and achievable.

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